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Germany Takes the World Cup, But Who Wins in Rivalry Among Brands?

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The world knows who won the 2014 FIFA World Cup this past Sunday, but the dust has not yet settled on another question. Who won the war of the brands? Sponsors and advertisers spent lavishly, producing memorable Tweets, memes, posts, pins, videos and campaigns combining them all − along with a few blunders. But one thing is clear. One of the big winners was social media. Fast Company, in fact called it right when it took a look back at “The Brands That Won (and Lost) the Twitter World Cup.” 

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Twitter Storm Explodes As World Cup Semifinalists Move On to Final

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Germany and Argentina head for the 2014 FIFA World Cup championship match at the iconic Maracanã stadium in Rio De Janeiro next Sunday. But the extraordinary semifinal between Germany and Brazil set off a record-setting Twitter storm as fans reeled from Germany’s 7-1 triumph. Twitter reported that with 35.6 million tweets, ‪#BRA v  #GER has set a new record as the most-discussed single sports game ever on the platform. That works out to more than 6,000 tweets per second during the match. The match also set a new record of 580,166 tweets per minute when Germany’s Sami Khedira’s 29-foot goal with an assist from Mesut Ozil made the score 5-0 in the first half.  (Note by way of comparison that the Super Bowl hit a high of 388,985 tweets per minute this year.) Miroslav Klose was the most mentioned player among the Germans, as he became the top scorer in World Cup history with his 16th goal. By sharp contrast, the semifinal match between the Netherlands and Argentina went into overtime with no score. Argentina emerged the victor 4-2 on penalty strikes. 

Social media can lend the power of immediacy and scale of audience to an event. But the World Cup has produced a level of social media drama that continues to stun many of us watching matches… 

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2014 FIFA World Cup Breaks Records for Digital Campaigns, Social Media & Data

World Cup 2014 Anametrix

Argentine star Lionel Messi isn’t just battling with teammates for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Top players like him and the great efforts from teams like the USA are fueling a worldwide boom in advertising campaigns and social media. Get this − a mind-blogging $5.7 billion is forecast to be spent on sponsorships and ads. In fact, the virtuoso play on the field is matched only by the creative edge of some of the world’s biggest brands vying for “air time” on the World Cup stage. 

And global it surely is. Some 400 million people are forecast to watch the final World Cup match on July 13th. (Source: Futures Sport + Entertainment, a London media-analysis firm) Sixty-four games will be played in 12 Brazilian cities when the closing ceremony brings down the curtain. And each match is expected to have viewership on a par with the U.S. Super Bowl. (Source: Futures Sport + Entertainment) four years. Google tells us that World Cup searches have outnumbered those for the Olympics, the Super Bowl and the Tour de France combined during the past four years. Even more, the World Cup is forecast to be the biggest social media sporting event of all time. 

Without question, this is a data-heavy tournament. According to Oi, the official World Cup network provider, the World Cup has produced 32 terabytes of “official” data in just its first 10 days. Oi provides data services to the teams, FIFA and some 20,000 journalists covering the matches. But that volume is still just a fraction of the vast amounts of data that digital campaigns and promotions will generate among sponsors and other companies. 

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Data-Driven PR Tells a Story Integrated Across All Media Channels and Audiences

Has social media enhanced or killed PR? Adam Hirsch, EVP of Emerging Media and Technology, continues his conversation with Anametrix CEO Pelin Thorogood, looking at how social media has come to inform and offer new opportunities for conversation in PR. As the executive who supports partnerships, platforms and technologies for Edelman Digital’s clients, Adam also talks about the future of data-drive PR and new platforms like mobile.

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In Today’s PR, It’s Not Just Demographics but the In-depth Audience Psychographics

Adam Hirsch’s resume reads like a history of emerging technology in the last decade, from his years at Mashable as one of its first employees and its chief operations officer to his current role with Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm and a leader known for its innovation. Adam is EVP of Emerging Media and Technology, supporting partnerships, platforms and technologies for Edelman Digital’s clients. Here he is in conversation with Anametrix CEO Pelin Thorogood on the “ins and outs” of succeeding at digital marketing, PR and more.

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Your Marketing Analytics Platform Should Mature to Support Advanced Analytics

Anametrix Analytics Platform

What’s the key to moving from simple, surface-level dashboards and reports to data analytics that creates a foundation for marketing decisions? The marketing team may not be ready to adopt advanced functions like predictive analytics right away, but your analytics platform can be designed to mature as your business accelerates its use of data to drive performance. 

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A Tale of Two Industries: Business Intelligence and Marketing Analytics

CAB Blog

Some of our Customer Advisory Board Members. (from left to right) Jeff Allen, Performance Director at 22squared | Shari Cleary, VP of Strategic Inisights and Research at Viacom Entertainment Group | Simon Trudeau, Senior Manager – Digital Analytics at Yellow Pages Group Canada. | Justin Gilbert, Marketing Analytics Director at R&R Partners

New technologies have always taken leaps ahead as forward-thinking minds come together to collaborate and innovate. Big data and analytics are no exception. Witness the recent meeting in San Diego of the Anametrix Customer Advisory Board, which brought together thought leaders and senior data scientists from companies like media giant Yellow Pages Canada, entertainment leader Viacom and the U-T San Diego, a “top 25” news organization. Also represented were Atlanta-based 22squared and Las Vegas-based R&R Partners, advertising and interactive agencies now using analytics to optimize client campaigns. 

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Roadblocks to Using Big Data: “First Mile” and “Last Mile” Challenges

LSST (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope)

LSST (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope)

In Part III of this Data Alchemy blog post, Kirk Borne, Ph.D., talks about the two biggest roadblocks to using big data in business. He also shares his views on big data as a critical asset to such diverse endeavors as exploring the vast reaches of space to helping businesses improve relationships with customers. Here he is in conversation with Anametrix CEO Pelin Thorogood. 

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Top Three Business Benefits from Big Data

Big Data Dashboard

We return this week for Part II of our blog with astrophysicist and data scientist, Kirk Borne, Ph.D. Formerly a NASA scientist, he’s one of the foremost experts in big data and its applications in business, government and science − from exploration of space to economic growth. Here again he speaks with Anametrix CEO Pelin Thorogood, this time identifying the areas where he thinks business will benefit most from big data.

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Biggest Potential for Big Data: The Expanding Universe of Unknown Unknowns”


Astrophysicist and data scientist Kirk Borne, Ph.D., was among the first to comprehend the importance of vast increases in data as a NASA scientist for almost two decades and now professor of Astrophysics and Computational Science at George Mason University. He’s among the top “influencers” on matters relating to “big data,” And IBM this year named him a Big Data and Analytics Hero, a recognition program to acknowledge top thought leaders. In this blog, which will appear weekly in the next three weeks, he speaks with Pelin Thorogood, Anametrix CEO, on a range of topics relating to the uses and abuses of big data and analytics in science, government and business.

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